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The Tide Pool is a quarterly blog-style e-zine of short fiction for teen readers (and others who love YA fiction!). Blog-style means the stories are published as individual posts and readers can comment on them (comments are moderated).

Why “Tide Pool”? For me, ocean=bliss, so I just couldn’t help choosing a beachy theme here. And tide pools make the perfect analogy for this site: they hold a wide range of cool stuff just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed — and here you’ll find a wide range of great stories, from science fiction to contemporary to inspirational.

All the stories are YA, or “young adult”, meaning they’re for and about teens. So bookmark this site and pass on the link to other teens you know who love to read.  Then have fun wading through The Tide Pool!

The Tide Pool was created by YA writer Shari Green.

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